I don’t really like blogging and that’s why i Am not keeping my blog I don’t maintain my blog at all and I don’t wright posts on my blog and that is parsley why I am getting rid of my blog. I did like my blog but now it is just getting boring well for me anyway. I used to like blogging but now I don’t so much

Looking Back On The Year

when I look back on the year the first thing that comes to mind is hornby camp. Ithink horn by camp was the best way to start the school year  it was the best camp I have ever gone to it was awesome fun and just right thrilling all I would like to say is thanks so much Miss Smith for taking us to hornby camp. YOU ARE AWSOME!!! Hale the gueen of the univers.

Art And Its Beauty

Hi it’s me again and I think that art is wonderful. I think it expresses people’s thinking in a cool way  and personally I think art is awesome. I love seeing young people’s art too. Art really inspires me. And the glocal project is really inspiring me and Josh and Franziska are great people and have tought me things about art that I didn’t even know like the glocal project. And I think the glocal project is just awesome.

My Opinionair

If you do something wrong you should be punished.

 I agree with this because it makes sense.  Its to teach you the difference between right and wrong. so that you will laern from your mistaks. And so that you will make good dissections in life instead of bad.

Teenagers should be treated the same way as adults

I disagree because adaults have lived longer than teenagers and Had more experience in life.

All people are created equal 

 I disagree because all people are born differently and raised in different families.

Being fair means treating all people exactly the same.

I disagree because all people have different needs and wants and privileges.

What I Like About Blogging

Hi, I am Blake, and what I like about blogging is that you get to communicate with other people. It is a good way to get what you want to say out there in the big, big World. The other thing I like about blogging is that you can see where the people who are commenting on your blog. all thanks to our Clustr Map.

The Klondike Derby

Hi,  I am Blake and I would like to tell you about the Klondike Derby and what it is. The Klondike derby is an event that you do with Scouts Canada. what you do is a series of events like knot tieing, paint balling and lashing. There is also a relay course. This year was my first year in the Klondike Derby and the awesome thing is that we won first place this year for the fastest time and next Tuesday we get medals. After the Klondike Derby we usually go to the Undersea Gardens which is in Victoria B.C. Then we go to dinner at a fast food place and it can be any fast food place, which is cool.

My Outdoor Experience

I admire the hot sun on my body and the grass that I am laying on
I also admire the blue sky and the puffy white clouds in the sky
I admire he birds chirping in the maple trees
and the quietness of the wind
and the sight of birds flying through the air gracefully
and the trees swaying like they were dancing to the birds song
and the dandelions in the ground
I also admire the mountains and how picture perfect they look
I also admire that there is no litter where I am laying since it is EARTH DAY!!!

Earth Day

Today is earth day and we did a survey with all the classes in the school to figure out who walked who biked who roller bladed who skate boarded who took a car who took a bus and who walked and other. Well for earth day what I did is i walked to school and at the end of the day me and my brother are walking back home and by the way we got 172 cars that came to school which is very bad our class has also turned off our lights had a litterless lunch and after school today I am going to get a plastic bag and clean up garbage. Did you know that a diaper takes 500 years to compose now that’s scary isn’t it well thats another post from yours truly Blake. And HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!

Why I am Excited

Why I am excited is because I am getting a trampolime today and I always wanted a trampoline trampolines are fun and cool my trampolime is going to be 14 feet long and 8 feet across wich is tottaly awsome and after school today Iam going to help my dad put it together. The trampoline is going to be in our back yard. And every day after school iam going to go on the trampolime because they are so fun and exditing. if you are reading my post thanks for listing and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!