Art And Its Beauty

Hi it’s me again and I think that art is wonderful. I think it expresses people’s thinking in a cool way  and personally I think art is awesome. I love seeing young people’s art too. Art really inspires me. And the glocal project is really inspiring me and Josh and Franziska are great people and have tought me things about art that I didn’t even know like the glocal project. And I think the glocal project is just awesome.

2 thoughts on “Art And Its Beauty

  1. Great post!

    I really enjoyed Arts Umbrella too! Josh an Franziska have taught us all so much and I can’t believe it’s over, it was just so much fun! If only we could have done Arts Umbrella longer, but even though it was only two weeks I learned so much about art and photograghing that I never new before! Overall I think this was one of my favourite experiences in school, and it was a really fun way to learn!

    P.S I really like the picture you took, what is it?

  2. Great image Blake! It looks as though you were drawing with light, or capturing smoke, a great abstract image.

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